Middle School Cast & Crew

Wow! Thank you for such a fabulous week of auditions! We are in awe of the students at CdM Middle School! Our audition panel was blown away by your preparedness, your commitment, your confidence, your professionalism and your talent! These were some of the strongest auditions we have seen at CdM Middle School. We are looking forward to fabulous three months with our new cast!

The middle school show was cast by an audition panel composed of 10 performing arts professionals. As part of the selection process, the audition panel carefully considered each actor’s auditions, conduct, schedule, teacher recommendation and enrollment in a CdM drama course. All of these factors contributed to our final decision. Due to confidentiality, neither the audition panel nor Ms. Lindt are able to discuss individual auditions.

Occasionally actors selected by our panel cannot meet the time commitment required for rehearsal. If you do not see your name on the cast list and would like to be included on our waitlist, please email Ms. Lindt at hlindt@nmusd.us. In the unlikely event that space becomes available, we will contact the students on our waitlist.

Note: To view all documents, you must sign into Google Drive using your NMUSD ID and password.

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Who’s Who?

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What am I in?

List of Scenes will be posted soon!

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Music Resources

Choreography Resources

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Rehearsal Schedule

Can't wait to see you at rehearsal! If you have been called to rehearsal, we need you there! 
Having trouble viewing the calendar? Click Here. 

Note: These next two weeks, our choreographer and musical director are completing other projects. We think they are worth accommodating! After President’s recess, our schedule will better match yours.

In general, we anticipate calling Villagers on Tuesdays, Knights on Wednesdays, Peasants on Thursdays, and Ladies on Fridays. Their second day of rehearsal will vary by week.