Parent Information

Dear Parents and Students,

Thank you for your amazing work. We hope you enjoyed the parent meeting. If you did not come here are the notes of things that transpired:

* Show Dates: March 28,29,30 @7 and 30th and 31st at 2 ( Student call time is 2 hours before unless instructed by makeup and hair crew)

* Please Buy tickets at

* Tech days: March 16 ( 9-6) All Day Cue/ Run ,March 18-March 20 (3-6?) Cue to cue ,March 25/26/27 ( 3-6~) Dress rehersals

* We are still asking for donations: 
$350 from cast and $50 for crew
can be paid in check or card at the website
all donations are tax deductible
The donation pays for: makeup/ costumes/ sets/ musical directors/ band/ publicity/ wigs ( If we do not have funding we cannot provide the quality shows you know and love)

*Ways you can help: Ticket booth -(2 per show)/ Costume construction/ scenic painting( this is a mural style intensive show) / Meals - 1 lunch ( March 16 @ 1) lunch ( March 30 @4)/ Cookies/ waters/ Concession and gram sales / Backstage help ( 2 per show)/ Strike

* What does your child need to provide:
Crew : all black clothing and shoes
Cast all: deodorant, undershirt ( tan/black- girls: white-boys)
Cast Girls: black character shoes / white undershorts/ tan tights+ ensemble girls need additional : black jazz shoes
Cast Boys: dress shoes black and ensemble boys in the monkey scene need black pants and a white button up shirt unless specifically emailed by Viollette Remmington 
* Bios are due ASAP for the cast. Please turn them the production's google classroom assignment page. If you did not receive a classroom invite, the code is otfvy4b. A proper Bio is written in the third person and contains 3-4 sentences of the actor's past works, special thanks or what he/she likes to do.

Thank you for your time and effort.
-Elise Ybarra

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