BAPA Co Board

BAPA Co Board

Joe Colgate

Vice President
Annie Lindt

Cyndi Nicholson

Recording Secretary
Lori Wenger   

Advertising Coordinator
Melanie Funsten

Social Secretary
Susan Seger

Advising Member
Christa Eilers
C.C. Knowles

Theatre Teachers

High School
Elise Ybarra

Middle School
Hannah Lindt

Message from our President


100% of your donation will support BAPA Co

One of the most exciting, fulfilling and life enriching experiences any young person can have is to participate in the performing arts. The all volunteer Backstage and Performing Artists Company ("BAPA Co") was founded based on the premise of enabling any student to have a rich and rewarding experience in live theatre whether they are "backstage" or "onstage". BAPA Co is a backend financial and planning resource providing funds, accounting and operational resources so that the talented directors at CDMHS & MS can concentrate on what they do best, teaching the art of live theatre and producing outstanding shows. With a state of the art theater on campus, we have an amazing venue for a variety of productions and performances. Make sure you take some time to scroll through all the past shows that more often than not sell out and just as often receive the standing ovations they so richly deserve. On behalf of the board, administration and most of all the students we give a heartfelt "Bravo!" to the donors and volunteers who have contributed along the way and especially those of you who have made it to any one of these very special performances. Please consider a donation and/or volunteering and remember, 100% of the funds donated to our registered 501c3 non-profit goes to the performing arts at CDMHS & MS...see you at the shows!

Joe Colgate, BAPA President