Show of Hands II

This year, our advanced middle school drama classes will participate in a “showcase.” This is a short variety performance. Your participation in rehearsals and the performance is mandatory and part of your grade.
Your grade will be based solely on your attendance of our rehearsals and our performances. 

We welcome everyone at all performances! We have scheduled two performances to best accommodate students’ and parents’ work schedules. We don’t want anyone to miss the fun! 

Tickets will be available online at


We got you covered! Our performers will be wearing custom t-shirts designed and purchased for this special event. We will sort out sizes in class. 


We understand that other, long-standing commitments may conflict with our show. If your child needs to miss any of our after-school rehearsals they will not be able to participate in the showcase. (If you feel you have a reasonable exception, please email me). The showcase is part of the students' grade. If a student will miss the showcase, I will offer these students an alternate assignment, that requires the same effort and time commitment after school. 


Our students will have multiple opportunities to perform. Your support makes these opportunities possible. CdM’s Backstage And Performing Artists Company (BAPA Co) supplements the cost of our materials, sets, lights, publicity, reduced ticket prices, and includes your performer’s t-shirt. We hope that you when you consider donating to the school, you keep BAPA Co in mind. - We will follow up this spring, after you audition for the musical! Please note donations are encouraged, but not required, for your child to participate in any production. 

All donations to our BAPA Co are appreciated. Donate online at