DONOR WALL Recognition

You and your company can be recognized on the BAPA Co Donor Wall. This includes a lifetime listing on the wall of the Sea King Theater and a lifetime listing in program of each major production! Listed below are the donation levels available for listing on the wall and programs*. 


100% of your donation will support BAPA Co

Individual = $1,000 - $1,499

Individual = $1,500 - $2,499 / Business* = $2,500-$3,499

Individual = $2,500 - $3,999 / Business* = $3,500 - $4,999

Individual = $4,000+ / Business* = $5,000+

*To qualify for the wall initial donations must be completed within the initial school calendar year. Initial donations must be made in full within one calendar school year. Donation levels can be achieved via single or multiple donations. Scaling up levels may be accomplished through multiple donations. Minimum initial donation is $1,000 per individual, $2,500 per business.

*Backstage and Performing Artists Company reserves the right to determine any donation as one from a business or individual. 

For more information about donations, please contact our president,
Joe Colgate at

BAPA Co Donor Wall

*As of May 2019

Lead Performance

The Beyrooty Family

The Carvelli Family

The Castleton Family

Christa & Eric Eilers

The Greengard Family

In Memory of Bea Guttman

The Mason Family

Annette & Jo Oltmans

Nick & Peggy Rose

California Republic Bank

William Gillespie Foundation

Standing Ovation

Diane & Douglas Anderson

Guttman Family Foundation

Scott & Erin McDonald

Director’s Circle

Kim & Brad Cohen

Nicole Weise James

Mary & Paul King

The Knowles Family

Annie & Ken Lindt

The Munro Family

Martha Ulkumen

Supporting Performance

Lisa & Bryan Amdor

Cristelle & Steven Arenal

The Blackband Family

Brenda & Joe Colgate

Natalie Gallegos

Gary & Kartika Highland

Mirielle P Jabr-Kadifa

Steve Messenger

Lynn Mosich

Tracy & Jeff Rowerdink

Stephanie & Tay Sandoz

Dwight & Karen Shackelford

The Snider Family

Lucan Alto Stargiotti

Vinnie & Jenny St. John

The Swanson Family

Rebecca & Marc Trachtman

Fletcher Jones Motorcars

Union Bank